Vishuddhi Chakra: Purification of Thoughts, Words and Intent

by Soha Akbar

Friends, having read about some of the chakras in the previous blogs, we now understand that our day-to-day physical activities are affected by subtle energy movements in our astral bodies. Today, we are going to learn about the Vishuddhi chakra (sometimes known as Vishuddha chakra), or the throat chakra. It is the fifth chakra in the astral body, and it affects our ability to communicate through listening and speaking.

What does Vishuddhi mean and where is it located?

‘Vishuddhi’ is a Sanskrit term which means ‘pure or purification.’ It implies how we can communicate honestly, compassionately and clearly, enabled by the purification of our thoughts, words and actions.

It is located in the centre of the larynx at the base of the throat, in the astral body, close to the physical heart.

What is its element?

Space, or akasha, is the element of the throat chakra. The analogy between the space our universe and the akasha element is that just as space is connected to the qualities of expansion and creation, the akasha element aids us to create thoughts, emotions and ideas.

What is its colour?

Since the element of this chakra is akasha, the colour associated with it is bright blue. Essentially, this chakra reflects the shade of the space element as none of the chakras have a tangible body or colour.

Symbolically, blue colour stands for communication. In the context of Vishuddhi chakra, it implies the power of speaking the truth, honestly and compassionately.

What is its symbol?

Vishuddhi chakra is symbolized as a lotus with sixteen petals that stand for the sixteen vowel sounds in the Sanskrit language. These sounds arise due to the movement of the chakra. The lotus itself symbolizes purity and spiritual awakening.

What is its seed mantra?

The seed mantra that activates and balances the throat chakra is HAM.

What is its significance?

Vishuddhi chakra is connected to the ability to think clearly and creatively, and communicate effectively and fearlessly. A well-balanced throat chakra enables free individualistic expression. It also helps us seek and speak the truth. Internally, it helps us communicate with our true Self, evolving us spiritually.

Its position at the base of the throat also impacts the physical organs surrounding it. Hence, the larynx, the tongue, and the thyroid and parathyroid glands are directly affected by this chakra.

Blocked Vishuddhi chakra

When we find it difficult to think clearly or communicate effectively, it signifies a blocked Vishuddhi chakra. When it is out of balance, we struggle to connect to our inner selves as well as to others around us. We find it difficult to see the truth, speak the truth or stand with the truth. Creativity and imagination also take a backseat, as if temporarily blocked.

Healing a blocked Vishuddhi chakra

If we want to tap into our creative potential and be confident when forming ideas and then sharing those ideas with those around us, we have to ensure a functioning, well-balanced and unblocked throat chakra. A blocked Vishuddhi chakra leads to blocked thoughts, ideas and communicative skills. It’s like dealing with communicative barriers, both internally and externally. Other signs of a blocked throat chakra can be physical in nature, like thyroid gland issues (hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism), sore or hoarse throat, pain in the jaw, neck pain, and frequent headaches.

And how do we know if the throat chakra is unblocked? There are certain signs and symptoms that indicate a well-balanced Vishuddhi chakra: clarity, openness, honesty and effectiveness in our communication skills; putting across our thoughts, feelings and opinions compassionately and empathetically; being confident in all forms of communication; forming meaningful relationships via genuine interactions with others; a well-functioning thyroid gland that results in proper metabolism and physical development, good energy levels and overall well-being.

To achieve this, we can meditate on the Vishuddhi chakra along with positive affirmations. One can also practise the Aksha or Shuni mudra to balance the space element connected to this chakra. Chanting the beej mantra HAM, either internally or externally, also stimulates this chakra.

There are certain asanas, especially inversions, that can help balance the throat chakra. Some of them are Setubandhasana (bridge pose), Matsyasana (fish pose), Halasana (plough pose), Sarvangasana (shoulder stand), Supta Konasana (reclining angle pose) and their variations. Ujjayi pranayama also energizes the throat chakra and aids its maintenance.

A well-balanced throat chakra is essential to lead an empowered life, as thoughts and communication form the basis of interpersonal relationships. Time and again, we have seen how the inability to conceive clear ideas and then articulate those ideas in words can thwart careers and relations. The energy of a balanced Vishuddhi chakra can prove to be a strength in forming positive relationships, both personal and professional.

About the Author

Sohaila Akbar

Sohaila is a Yoga teacher, keen on bringing about positive changes in the lives of others through the knowledge that she has received from her teachers. Prior to this she was a school teacher working towards imparting academic, social and ecological knowledge to young learners. Sohaila is an avid reader of books and have an undying love for fiction. She prefers paperbacks and hardcovers over e-books anyday. She loves travelling, and a good cup of coffee is always welcome!