Elevated RYS from Yoga Alliance

by Soha Akbar

Having understood the basics of RYT and RYS, let us take a look at Elevated RYS 200. In February 2020, Yoga Alliance replaced the foundational or Legacy RYS 200 standards with Elevated RYS 200 standards. The Elevated Standards comprises a core curriculum that includes the lineage, style and methodology of teaching.

There are four Educational Categories and twelve competencies, which are further sub-categorized. Let’s take a look at those.

The 4 categories are

  • Techniques, Training, Practice (75 hours)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (30 hours)
  • Yoga Humanities (30 hours)
  • Professional Essentials (50 hours)

The 12 subcategories are

  • Under Techniques, Training and Practice:
  1. Asana
  2. Pranayama and Subtle Body
  3. Meditation
  • Under Anatomy:
  1. Anatomy
  2. Physiology
  3. Biomechanics
  • Under Yoga Humanities:
  1. History
  2. Philosophy
  3. Ethics
  • Under Professional Essentials:
  1. Teaching Methodology
  2. Professional Development
  3. Practicum (Teaching Practice)

What is the difference in the curriculum of RYS 200 and Elevated RYS 200?

  • The Elevated Standards has an Hours+ Competencies model that actually moves away from a strictly 200 hours model across educational categories.
  • The minimum required hours have to be classroom hours, whether physical, online, live or pre-recorded.
  • In case of distance learning, at least 15% of the classroom hours need to be live.
  • Furthermore, all RYS are required to assess their trainees on the basis of knowledge, skill and experience, before certifying them as RYT 200.
  • For registering as an Elevated RYS, a school is tested for the integration of the updated curriculum and the application of knowledge in its Yoga programs, as per the modernized standards.

How does a school apply for Elevated RYS?

Under the elevated Standards, the application process has been revised to ensure a better understanding of the TTC program and transparency in curriculum, teaching schedule, learning material and assessments.

  • The school must submit its curriculum, training manual, daily teaching schedule along with hours allocated to each subject, required policies, letter of intent, sample certificate, faculty background, process for selecting trainees, trainer to trainee ratio and examination or assessment process.
  • The school pays the non-refundable application fee.
  • The application will be reviewed and evaluated by a designated panel.
  • If the application is declined, the Yoga Alliance credentialing team gives the school feedback regarding the rejection, and thereafter the school can choose to reapply.
  • If the application is approved, the school pays the membership fee and joins Yoga Alliance, becoming an elevated RYS. The school needs to go through the re-credential process every three years.

Requirements for a Lead Trainer

The Elevated RYS Standards has also revised the requirements of an RYS 200 Lead Trainer, as listed below.

  • The Lead Trainer must mandatorily have the E-RYT 500 credential.
  • They must have a teaching duration of minimum 150 of the 200 hours TTC.

From a school’s perspective, each RYS can have up to 5 Lead Trainers.

Why do we need elevated Lead Trainer Standards?

  • This ensures that new Yoga Teacher trainees are supported and mentored by teachers who are trained well in Yoga, not just asanas but also the other aspects.
  • Teachers operating by the elevated standards also bring quality, consistency and safety in their teaching methodologies, no matter where they are teaching in the world.

What is the need for the Elevated Standards set by Yoga Alliance? 

  • These guidelines ensure high quality Yoga education within safe boundaries in schools.
  • They also help maintain the same level of educational as well as ethical framework among all Yoga Alliance affiliated schools globally.
  • From a student’s perspective, choosing an RYS ensures they will receive proper training and required knowledge to start their Yoga teaching journey.
  • The RYS stamp is a badge of credibility which will narrow down the list of potential schools for an aspiring student.

We are happy to say that Sayujya Yoga is an Elevated RYS 200, offering both offline and online Yoga Teacher Trainings. We have an RYS 200 compliant curriculum, a detailed study manual for students, and lifetime support and mentoring for our trainees. We have proudly been able to build a strong student community that is passing on the knowledge received at Sayujya Yoga to their own clients. We aim to keep this community growing, while maintaining the level of training expected from an Elevated RYS 200.

About the Author

Sohaila Akbar

Sohaila is a Yoga teacher, keen on bringing about positive changes in the lives of others through the knowledge that she has received from her teachers. Prior to this she was a school teacher working towards imparting academic, social and ecological knowledge to young learners. Sohaila is an avid reader of books and have an undying love for fiction. She prefers paperbacks and hardcovers over e-books anyday. She loves travelling, and a good cup of coffee is always welcome!